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  1. Hey Stonywall Thank you for the tips but its not working. I have changed back and forth from booting from Win-PE or ADK version 1803 or 1809 (currently 1803 installed now) but all tests gives me a blank screen for the TS for win10 1809. It doesnt matter anymore now since Microsoft pulled that version so we will see when the new working build get released if i will have the same issue then.
  2. Hello Has anyone been successful with deploying Windows 10 v1809 with MDT 8450 ? I can not get the TS to work with this windows version, it just throws me a blank screen If i pick another windows version it works just fine Above TS for example is Windows 10 v1803 and its no problem deploying and capture this version. I have updated the ADK to 1809 (10.1.17763.1) Any ideas or anyone managed to deploy this windows version?
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