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  1. Hi Anyweb, I'm sorry for my late response, I had to let this project aside and I could not answer you before. I'm sorry I can't let you do teamviewer with my computer. But I think about it and I would like to ask you something. I use autopilot with a test domain of the form of x@x.onmicrosoft.com. Do you think it could be the cause of the problem ? Regards, Joe
  2. Hi Pej, That's what I thought. I will try my process with another environment (I'll will create a VM on azure).
  3. No I don't see the compagny name +logo. I only see my logo after I log with my user's UPN, to enter the password.
  4. Hi, First of all I want to thank you for your Intune's tutorial. It was a very good help. The directory role on my azure is user.
  5. Hi, I've got a problem with my users when I deploy win10 1709 with autopilot. I prevent my user account to be local administrator on his device (I make an profile enrollment assign to his device and i've got all prerequisites). I don't uderstand why he is still local administrator. Did anyone ever have this problème ? I'm using a test user account on a test tenant (E5). My account have the user rights on my Azure AD. For my user - Azure AD Premium P2 & Office 365 licences. - Allowed to join devices into Azure AD - MDM user scope : All Here's my process - I create a VM (UEFI, no vTPM) in Vsphere with Win10 professional build 1709. - I capture my VM's hardware ID autopilot deployment. I realized that I don't have the same Hardware Hash when i used windowsautopilotinfo.ps1 and this scrypt wmic bios get serialnumberGet-ItemPropertyValue "hklm:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\DefaultProductKey\" "ProductId"$wmi = Get-WMIObject -Namespace root/cimv2/mdm/dmmap -Class MDM_DevDetail_Ext01 -Filter "InstanceID='Ext' AND ParentID='./DevDetail'"$wmi.DeviceHardwareData | Out-File "($env:COMPUTERNAME).txt" The first part is the same, the second part change everytime I run the script (in bold in the example) : xxxxxxxxx/YYYYYYYYY - I reset my VM back to OOBE - I register my VM to my organisation https://businessstore.microsoft.com/ - I assign a profile ; disable local admin account : On, Skip privacy settings : Off, Skip EULA: Off Regards, Joe
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