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  1. I added a print screen of the log there.
  2. I installed those tools and I ran full hardware inventory. It still not updated resource pool but I presume that could take a few hours to fully complete.
  3. I checked in add-remove programs under hardware in resources explorer on that machine and office pro 2003 is still showing up. I dont understand it because when I log on to users machine office standard is installed and user doesnt have pro installed.
  4. I ran that script on users machine and it doesnt have office pro installed.
  5. Hi eswar sorry I am not very familar with scripting. What steps are involved to run this script to see iff office pro 2003 pro is installed?? thanks for your help
  6. I checked the product details under resource pool and it is saying that Microsoft office access is still installed. I tried running REVO uninstaller but it didnt pick it up.
  7. Hi there I checked the status and the last scan was today. Thanks for help to date. do you know what else it could be??
  8. Sorry what is the easiest way to check when the client last made contact with site server??
  9. I have recently removed office pro 2003 from a number of machines on the network. however I spotted one of the machines which no longer has office pro 2003 installed is still showing up when I run report "comptuers with specific software in ADD/REMOVER Programs" it is still reported. I have already changed the schedule for the Hardware Inventory CLient agent to every 5 mins. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi there, I am just wondering are there any step by step guide to get Windows updates up and running for desktop/servers using SCCM 2007.
  11. Thanks for that info. Finally sorry for being a pest is there any licensing issues or cost involved in doing this upgrade?
  12. Thanks for that. do I need to push out this hotfix to the new client machines I presume when I upgrade sccm to R3 there will be a new client push. Thanks, Padraig
  13. Hi there, I am wondering how do I go about upgrading to SCCM 2007 r3. I am looking to get use of the powermanagement features. When I right click site settings: Version: 4.00.6487.200 R2 Installed: NO Build Number: 6487 The fact I dont have r2 installed can I upgrade to R3. Any help would be most greatful
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