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  1. I called it a service account, but it is a local account we just use for "services"
  2. Had to change our service account password used for SCCM 2012. After which, reports are now empty. Also, I tried to make a new installed software query which I know is correct, but it is not wokring. I feel I have missed a step to change the password everywhere it would be necessary. Where are all the places I need to change this?
  3. I have my MDT Database and configured to name my machines automatically. However, they wre still using MININT as there computer name and this was in the ZTIGather log Value for OSDCOMPUTERNAME is already set to MININT-B2711HQ so database value of MDT-Test-VM will be ignored. ZTIGather 5/19/2018 11:44:30 AM 0 (0x0000) I was able to "fix" this by editing ZTIGather.xml and changing <property id="OSDComputerName" type="string" overwrite="false" description="The new computer name to assign to the computer (used with ConfigMgr) " /> to <property id="OSDComputerName" type="string" overwrite="true" description="The new computer name to assign to the computer (used with ConfigMgr) " /> then I update my distribution point for the Toolkit package. However, this seems heavy handed and not at all dynamic. However, I have been unable to come up with another way. There must be a task sequence variable or something that can be written in CustomSettings.ini file to take care of this. I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.
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