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  1. Can someone please help explain the built-in report in SCCM called "Client push installation status details for a specified site"? Here's what's confusing me: One of the workstations shows a "Retry" status even though the SCCM client got pushed to it, and I can see under Devices it says Yes for Client. How come the report doesn't say "Complete" once it succeeded with the push? It's just shows the Status as "Retry" which is technically no longer accurate. Does anyone know how this report works?
  2. Well it's actually not failing to install the apps. I couldn't really figure out why that error is popping up but I decided to check the box "If an application installation fails, continue installing other applications in the list" which worked. The error still shows up in the logs but it doesn't interrupt the task sequence anymore. Really odd!
  3. So I figured out I need to set the SMSP property and the applications started installing. But at the end of the process I got this error: Looks like they all installed fine, but why did I get such error? My smsts.log has an error saying: "Release request failed with error code 08x0004005 Task sequence manager could not release active TS request"
  4. I'm having trouble installing applications after OS install in a Task sequence. The following pictures depicts what's happening. It says applications are installing and then it errors out and only the OS is installed. If I deploy the applications in their own task sequence, they install fine, so I know it's not the applications. Is there some step I need to add before installing the applications? I feel like I'm missing something.
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