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  1. You see I thought I'd be able to do that but I don't see a specific entry for the SUP that allows it to have an internet FQDN - which seemed incredibly strange given that basic functionality is in the MP role. We've always operated a split brain (I never supported the idea of .local domains!). Thankyou for the feedback I appreciated I was reviving an old post - but it seemed you'd found the same things I had.
  2. @Ocelaris how did you handle name resolution in this case - SCCM would configure your local GPO with the internal name of the Internet serving SUP server. Did you find that when it was outside it started to use the external name or did you have to publish an internal servername? I find that unlike the MP role there is no second name option for mobile SCCM clients using the SUP internally vs externally. Finding information on the software update process is a bit of a nightmare Thanks
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