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  1. Hey After OSD the clients are not registred: ClientIDManagerStartup.log <![LOG[RenewalTask: Client hasn't been registered yet. Reseting registration to pick up new changes.]LOG]!><time="20:48:08.684-120" date="07-01-2017" component="ClientIDManagerStartup" context="" type="1" thread="3696" file="regtask.cpp:2394"> <![LOG[GetSystemEnclosureChassisInfo: IsFixed=TRUE, IsLaptop=FALSE]LOG]!><time="20:48:12.135-120" date="07-01-2017" component="ClientIDManagerStartup" context="" type="1" thread="3752" file="ccmid.cpp:215"> <![LOG[Computed HardwareID=2:D6891E1
  2. Hey Running latest CB and newest ADK. When running a build and capture (Windows 10 - Edu - 1703 - on HyperV) - the computer does not restart after sysprep. (if i manually restart the computer - it continues capturing) (The NIC seems to be disabled after Sysprep?) See attached log-file. Any ideas? Michael smsts.log
  3. Apexes> I already have the hotfix applied - The issues occurs not when downloading the OS, but when downloading the WinPE image.
  4. Hey Okay, just realized that I had to use an extra IP-Helper for the WDS/SCCM server - (and not the dhcp options) But downloading the WinPE file is very slow - do anyone know why? (approx 10 times slower than legacy boot) Mikey
  5. Hey Is it possible to do UEFI and PXE (Legacy boot) deployment on the same vlan? Using SCCM 2012 R2 + Windows 2012 R2 Server. Thanks in advance Mikey
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