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  1. I want to get an output for every mailbox that reached the IssueWarningQuota via PS for our monitoring. As i noticed MS removed the outpout over PS for StorageLimitStatus via Get-MailboxStatistics since EX2013. Can you help me to make an ps script to get all mailbox that reached the IssueWarningQuota? thank you & br
  2. Hello Community! We are currently implementing Asset Intelligence with Software Metering. We have the problem that nearly every sofware is listed multiple times under inventoried software. Do you have any Idea how to merge this entry to one or any other solution? Thanks for help & best regards Ranighte
  3. Hi Guys! Im trying since hours to create a report what should include the following: It should include Hostname, last logon User & installed software i want to see per host - not every software installed. Just Office, AutoCAD and so on.. Additional I need an overview with a count of every software what is listed. Im a total newbie about Query in SQL/WQL - hope someone can help me. Thanks & br
  4. Hello Guys, We have the Problem that our Surface wont boot from Network. The last Message we get is "nbp file downloaded successfully" When i use the same TS an USB-Stick it works fine.. a normal HP Workstation over Legacy installation works fine.. Any ideas? best Regards
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