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  1. Hey Guys I'm trying to capture a Windows 10 Image over my SCCM 2016 (Configuration Manager 1806 ) environment. I already captured some other machines without any issues, but now with this Capturing, it stops after a few minutes. Here's the Log-File: According to some searching through the web the Issue's a network issue, but I am able to do a PXE-Boot on the machine and I'm also able to access the share where the WMI is going to be stored. I also added the network-drivers to the boot-image. Do you know what else could be the issue? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hey Guys Unfortunately, my last weekly backup on my SCCM 2016 DPM didn't run through, regarding to Synchronisazion issues. Those Synchronisation issues where caused because the Replica's not consistent. Now regarding to this thread ( https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/f7de60cd-841f-4d22-862e-aaf3723717c7/dpm-could-not-log-files-that-were-skipped-during-backup-to-volumexxxxxfailedfilesdat-id?forum=dataprotectionmanager) I should check which Files are not consistent and that I should check the failed Files log file, which I did. I also read that I should delete the Files mentioned (it's only one .php-File), but this didn't help at all. What would be the next step? Thanks for your help. Kind Regards Gabe
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