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  1. I greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the help
  2. Unfortunately our company is too small and we don't have SCCM at the moment. it would be cool if we did. It'd make my job so much easier. But until I can convince someone to shell out some cash for it, I just have a MDT server for deploying Windows. Thank you for your advice. I'll poke around a bit. I jsut created a Post OS Install task sequence to test out the restore functionality. We're not using bitlocker here (yet) so I don't have to worry about that. I'm fairly new to the XML files bit. I know that a config file is genreated by scanstate before it runs the backup. Do you have your own master config file that you generated? We've got a mix of WIndows 7 and Windows 10 computers laying about. Would the same config file work for both?
  3. Another thing is we have a project of migrating users to a new domain. Can this be achieved using MDT/USMT? right now I have some powershell scripts that run scanstate and loadstate, but i'm not he best script writer and i'm getting failures on a lot of stuff. I'm guessing there should be a way to do a backup and restore task sequence similar to what i'm asking about above, but i can use the /md:olddomain:newdomain in the loadstate arguments to migrate the data to the new domain user account upon restore
  4. I created a replace task sequence to backup data. It runs scanstate and pulls the data. Is there an easy way to restore it on a new computer? I know I can redeploy a image and choose to restore data in the wizard. Can I achieve a restore without doing that? I'm thinking I should be able to create a task sequence, go to the new computer launch litetouch pick that task sequence, point it at the data i want to restore and let it run wild
  5. have you had any luck on this? I'm looking to do something similar
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