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  1. Hi all, We ended up fixing this ourselves by updating the Windows ADK to the latest version. Note that the 1809 version has the Windows PE components separate. We then updated the Boot.wim with the latest WIM, and also updated the USMT package. The recovery information is not listed in the SCCM Node. Thanks Fernando
  2. Hey everyone, Im hoping someone out there has had a similar issue and can provide assistance. Here are our versions SCCM CB 1806 Build 8692 Using USMT 5.0 on Windows 10 1803 Leveraging SMP on SCCM. The whole process is working as expected. The users state gets uploaded to the server, and then restored back on to the PC through the rebuild task sequence. What isn't working is the USMT node in SCCM. It is always empty. We had a machine listed once, but I have not been able to see anything in there ever since deleting the User Data from that first instance. I have tried removing the role and re-installing it and still have no success. the smpmgr.log only has the following entries: Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much MDS
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