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  1. Mapped the drive yea, I just tried logging into a domain PC first to check the PWD I had it in a file but we never actually login with it so I wanted to confirm the pwd.
  2. OK, I added that account to a Security group that can access folders on our File server and it seems to work. I can even login as that account to a domain PC.
  3. I haven't but what should I try mapping a drive to.
  4. We have SCCM setup for 10k or more PC's that are all domain joined and all that works fine. I'm trying to add workgroup ones (one right now for testing) All the sites I've found say its possible with some limitations. I have the client on the PC, It sees the server and the applications but anything we try to install from SCCM just sits there at 0% downloading. I have the test pc plugged into the LAN on the same subnet the BG is set for my PC so its in a boundary group. The only log I've found that I understand (attached) says "Error logging on as a network access account" We have a Network access account setup, I have it on the SCCM server and distribution point with rights to access via network. Does anyone know what I'm missing to make this work?
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