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  1. Hi, I am working on a Company that have two Enterprises each one has a domain, both have two-ways domain trust. In the Enterprise A: we have SCCM 1810 Current Branch Primary site, the Enterprise B wants to have SCCM, but the Enterprise A need to have control on the Enterprise B, we are wondering which is the best option we need to take: Scenario 1: install secondary site on the Enterprise B with DP, MP and SUP (download updates directly from internet and not getting updates from the primary site on the Enterprise A) and PXE may be in the future. Scenario 2: Install distribution point on the Enterprise B, but in this option we are wondering if it is will use a lot traffic with enterprise A and if it is possible to install WSUS(independent WSUS) with DP. Notes: Enterprise A has SCCM 1810 primary site with MP, DP, SUP, etc... Enterprise B has a central office and many branches, the idea is, the enterprise B use the minimum network traffic with the Enterprise A, this latter wants to have full control and can gather all inventory information from Enterprise B, also the each IT should manage their site. Please could some someone advise? Regards
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