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  1. I've went through all of the steps here an still hitting the same issues. This environment has been up and running for well over a year, but just recently ANY new client installs are experiencing this same issue, while any clients that were connected previously seem to be working fine. The only thing I can think of that has changed any time recently is that we had a domain controller removed from the environment withing the last 2 months as well as upgraded SCCM 2012 to SP1 to all SCEP to be installed on windows 8.1 computers. mpcontrol.log doesn't appear to have any errors in it and ccmsetup.log, the only warning i see is about not finding a DP.
  2. My primary site is 2008 R2 with secondary sites being on 2008 SP2. No matter how long my clients sit, they never get the additional actions in the actions tab. This only recently started occurring and it appears that the machines that were previously connected to SCCM are functioning fine, this is just for new client installs. It also doesn't seem to matter whether it is push install or manual.
  3. Is anyone able to take a look. I'm getting desperate!
  4. I've attached the logs from one of the problem clients. ClientIDManagerStartup.log has a couple certificate related errors, but those errors exist on all of my healthy clients as well. In the LocationServices.log I see errors about not being able to find the MP but then I also see it apparently assigning to an MP. It seems to go back and forth. ClientLocation.log has no errors that I can see. It appears to be assigning to the site and MP correctly. LocationServices.log ClientIDManagerStartup.log ClientLocation.log
  5. I've looked extensively through those logs and I can't determine what the issue is. There are some errors, but everything I've searched for about them isn't coming up with solid leads. Is there something specifically I should be looking for?
  6. We have had our SCCM 2012 environment up and running for well over a year with little to no issues. We have always installed the clients manually when the computers were provisioned. Recently, we are finding that the agent installs, in the console it shows up as Client=Yes, Site Code=Correct Code, Client Activity=Active, and Approved=Approved. However, the clients are not receiving advertised applications and if you check the Configuration Manager section in the Control Panel, there are only 2 actions available and some tabs seem to be missing. I have been looking at every forum post on the internet for the past 3 days trying to figure this one out and i'm hoping someone here will have ran into this before or have some thoughts on it. Thanks for any help!
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