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  1. Hi When i install WDS I get error 1284 BINLSVC I followed : http://kb.eventtracker.com/evtpass/evtPages/EventId_1284_BINLSVC_67183.asp with no succes Then I followed : https://selimatmaca.com/index.php/sccm2012/127-reinstall-wds-and-pxe Also with no succes. The only thing I see is that on the security tab of e:\RemoteInstall there is a group "WDSServer". I can't find this group in my AD. Can you help me to solve this problem Thx
  2. I've looked with wireshark. I don't understand why the DHCP releas happens? See attached file
  3. Now I see how the folder structure is build. What should be the security rights for the SMSboot folder? Now it is : Group 'SYSTEM' is full control Group 'Administrators' is full control (local) Is this right?
  4. In SMSPXE.log I see : Client Boot TS reply: <ClientIDReply><Identification Unknown="0" DuplicateSMBIOS="0" DuplicateMACAddress="0" ItemKey="2046820352" ServerName=""><Machine><ClientID/><NetbiosName/></Machine></Identification><TSInfo DeploymentID="00720024" PkgID="00700037" BootImageID="00700033" Architecture="0" Required="1" AlreadyRun="0" ForPXE="1" Disabled="0" PackageAvailable="1" FutureAvailability="0" Expired="0" UEFIArchitectureMismatch="0" ArchitectureMismatch="0"/><TSInfo DeploymentID="00720023" PkgID="00700038" BootImageID="007
  5. I've looked to the location and I found this : "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\bin\X64\SMSBoot\00700033\x86" Can SCCM PXE find this location? Please ...anybody???
  6. Hi Anyweb Thx for response. WDS is not installed anymore. I use PXE responder without WDS In the SMSPXE.log the communication between PXE is working. This is talking to gateway, DHCP, SCCM and client
  7. Hi I have troubles with PXE-boot. My SCCM is version 1902. My DP is setup to answer PXE (without WDS) In my folder' structure I see that SMS_DP$, SMSPKG and SMSPKGC$ are empty In the folder SMSPKGSIG a lot of .tar files and a lot of folders (ID's with versionnumbers) In folder SMSSIG$ only .tar files Is this right?? Or where are the bootstartup files should be located? Thx Best Regards Delan
  8. I see "Boot file name: smsboot\0070002F\x86\wdsnbp.com´╗┐" Where is this precisely located in the folder structure???? c:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\..........????????????
  9. Hi My SCCM = 1902 (in VM - Hyper-V) = My pfsense is not VM = gateway (with ip helper (to DHCP) and Helper to = SCCM) Client (VM-Hyper-V with Legacy NIC) In DP bootimage x86 (0070002F) and x64 (00700030), operating system (00700012) , client package (00700002) The task sequence (00700032) = deploy on unknown computers I've tried many thing as renew the boot images, client i a known collection... What happens.... When I startup th client (00:15:5D:CA:67:04) he get notting. After ten minutes I see the IP-
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