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  1. Once I cleared out all the drivers from Boot Image (x64) it allowed me to boot into SCCM again. Now I'm back to errors on the task sequence, but at least the devices will image again. New problem for a new day, but as far as this specific fault goes, it is resolved thank you.
  2. Hi Niall, Haven't used a VM since I set everything up over a year ago to be honest as I've always been able to tweak the image slightly every time I've needed to add something to the task sequence. These are machines that have always worked, so I just went to run the task sequence again. I can't even deploy the existing task sequences that I've been using since last year. Other than installing 1902, the latest ADK, PE and running Update Distribution Points on the Boot 64 image I haven't changed a thing. Ulitmately what I'm trying to do is push out Windows 10 1903. Up until this update I was installing 1803 without issue. I'll put a VM together now to test it out though.
  3. First apologies if there is already a thread for this, I have been unable to find one. I have just upgraded my SCCM to 1902, I have installed the latest ADK, I've installed the latest PE and then I updated my boot image. What I cannot understand is that when I PXE boot a new client, it almost makes it to the Enter Password and then the client reboots. I've tried three different models of machine and I get the exact same problem. Any advise would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!
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