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  1. We have just done a site refresh and replaced several site servers, I seem to have orphaned distribution points in my CB1810 environment. The SMS_Distribution_Point_Monitoring keeps trying to validate some packages on servers that no longer exist in the environment and haven't for a while. I have tried to use the sql select commands that used to be used in SCCM 2012 and 2007 but these are giving me 0 records. My SMS_Site_System component is always failing to process files from these old DP's saying it contains errors or invalid data. Is there a different way to handle Orphaned DP's in CB?
  2. Setup:Single Primary Server: Windows Server 2012 R2Remote SQL Cluster Server: Windows Server 2012 R2ConfigMgr version: CB 1810 (KB4490434)Issue:Last complete ConfigMgr Maintenance Task Backup was early hours 30/05/2019Updates installed on the SQL Server: KB4495586, KB4495615, KB4499165, KB4495585, KB4495608, KB4498206, KB4499151. These were installed on the evening of 30/05/2019Since last backup on 30/05/2019 the ConfigMgr Backup has constantly been failing with the following messages:Message ID: 5052, Description: SMS SQL Backup service on the SQL Server *** failed to backup the site database ***, Failed: The error reported by the service is error: CopyFile to *** failed: [error code 2: the system can not find the file specified]. Backup is not complete.Message ID: 5048, Description: Site Backup Failed while trying to copy the files to the destination. Backup operation is not complete. Possible Cause: The volume shadow copy service may not have sufficient disk space to create the shadow copy of the site backup snapshot information.On the SQL Server each time an Event error is created:EventID: 25, Source: Volsnap, Description: The shadow copies of volume E:\Data were deleted because the shadow copy storage could not grow in time. Consider reducing the IO load on the system or choose a shadow storage copy volume that is not being shadow copied.We have rebooted both the Primary and the SQL Servers and also attempted the backup at different times of day.Has anybody seen this issue before or any advice on best way to resolve this issue?
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