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  1. i only have the 1, i have searched through the entire server trying to find another one. When i have looked at the logs i can see it is running through the rules but is still no applying
  2. Hi, I have the below custom setting file. The issue is it is not being applied on my builds. When i check the logs they state that the file has been processed successfully. Its like the rules get completely ignored [Settings] Priority=Init, ByDesktop, ByLaptop, DefaultGateway, Default Properties=ComputerLocationName, ComputerTypeName, ComputerSerialNumber [Init] ComputerSerialNumber=#Right("%SerialNumber%",10)# [ByLaptop] SubSection=Laptop-%IsLaptop% ComputerTypeName=L [ByDesktop] SubSection=Desktop-%IsDesktop% ComputerTypeName=D [DefaultGateway] [Blanked] ComputerLocationName=blanked [Blanked] ComputerLocationName=blanked [Blanked] ComputerLocationName=blanked [Default] OSInstall=Y ComputerLocationName=XXX ComputerTypeName=X OSDComputerName=%ComputerLocationName%%ComputerTypeName%%ComputerSerialNumber% SkipCapture=YES SkipAdminPassword=YES SkipProductKey=YES SkipComputerBackup=YES SkipBitLocker=YES
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