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  1. ip address is the right one. SMSPXE.log oh and thanks for your help so far.
  2. They were only configured for testing. Thre is a nameserver configured and a gateway
  3. I tried both manual installation of wds and automatic with configmgr. But it's always the same.
  4. I first have to ask my boss if teamviewer is allowed, I'm new to this firm so not sure.
  5. I feel so too, but I don't know how to get it working... already took out the pxe boot from the dp and deinstalled wds, rebooted and enabled pxe again...
  6. Yeah it is in a lab... and I distributed both boot images. meanwhile I get a black error. here is the vid: 2019-07-29 07-39-26.mp4
  7. I do have a dhcp server running but didn't config 66 and 67 already tried it with the config and didn't work either.
  8. Hi Guys, since days I try to get working my SCCM 1902 it's a fresh lab I made. Installed SCCM with all Features on one Server. Everything in one subnet no Options in DHCP no IP Helper. And always a Bluescreen I already disabled the PXE thing in the DP so WDS was uninstalled, rebooted the server and reenabled PXE again. Like I read everywhere in the Internet. But still geting that anoying BS. Meanwhile I'm really pissed an think that it was a bad choice telling my boss that SCCM could solve our Problems 🙂 Now I got more Problems than ever. Hopefully somone in here can help me. If you need more details just ask. I dont know which logs are interesting or wich are not, cos I'm an absolute newbie to SCCM. Thanks in advance Susie
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