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  1. Hey guys, I would need some assistance because i feel completly lost So, here's the thing : i have a win8.1 32 bits where SCCM client is installed (it's the only Win81 32 bits machine i have on my landscape). The machine is active and approved in the SCCM console. I've created and deployed successfully a bunch of patches for this OS version Now, i have uninstalled those KB using the wusa /uninstall command line and rebooted the machine In a normal world, after a while, those patches would reinstall automatically. That's what happens with all my other OS (both workstations & servers) Now, for some reason, this doesn't work at all on this target machine and i don't know why (as i said, it deployed successfully in the 1st place) The few logs i've checked so far don't give me any hint what is going on Any advise would be highly appreciated Thank you
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