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  1. Hello, I am trying to put together a SCCM standalone OSD build media which is based on our production Windows 10 TS. The production TS wipes the disk (existing Windows 7) and installs Win 10. The solution now works end to end as expected on a virtual machine however when it comes to a physical machine, I am running into a strange behaviour where in after configuring the HP BIOS (secure boot etc.) in WinPE, during the subsequent reboot, instead of booting into the staged Winpe from the HDD to continue with the TS, it once again boots from the Standalone media USB and starts the build process all over again. The overall steps of my Standalone TS are as below: 1. Trigger the autorun TS exe from the running Windows 7 OS USB drive 2. Enter the password to start the TS 3. Select the only standalone TS presented 4. Disable bitlocker 5. Reboot (to boot image assigned to this TS) 6. Convert BIOS to UEFI (if it is not already UEFI) 7. Restart computer (to boot image assigned to this TS) 8. Partition disk 9. Configure HP BIOS **** This is where it configures secure boot, bios password etc. Everything seems to be working as expected up until this stage I have attached the smsts.log as well as the HP Bios utility output captured at this stage 10. Reboot (to boot image assigned to this TS) This is the stage where it starts all over again booting into the inserted USB and starts the standalone task sequence by prompting for the media password (of step 2 above). Just wanted to know what I am doing wrong. Why is the TS starting all over again booting into the USB? I highly suspect, at the BIOS configuration stage, something happens at the BIOS level because of which, during the subsequent reboot, the HDD is not “visible” to the boot manager and hence falls back to the next boot order option which is the USB containing the standalone boot media. When I remove the USB, the boot fails with DOS-style prompt (with black background) with the message ">>Start PXE over IPv4". If I continue to boot into USB, and F8 and check the disk, there is C drive with bootmgt,bootmgr.efi files as well as sms flder, Sources folder (with boot.wim), _SMSTaskSequence folder etc. I can even run diskpart. With Disk 0 selected, I can see 4 partitions (system, Reserved,Primary,Recovery) Any thoughts? Is there anything that I can do in terms of the troubleshooting to know what’s happening? Thank you. smsts.log HP Bios Utility Output.txt
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