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  1. hi yes i have done that via SCCM. but it is stillnto working do you think i should uninstall the PXe role and then reinstall it?
  2. Hi there, the PXE service role and WDS is installed on the one server. This server is a Domain Controller, File print server it is at one of my remote sites. so usuing it to push out SCCM images. quick recap as i am still learnign how do i conifgure SCCM to use WDS? cheers
  3. sorry to be a bit think but what should i check for exactly? do you think removing the PXE Role from SCCM server will do the trick?
  4. hey mate, as attatched is the screen shots. Shot 1 is what we are getting. shot 2 is what it should get to. the screen shots are just generate ones i got from the internet as the site is in Australia and i am in UK. cheers
  5. All, i have a SCCM server and am trying to push out an Operating task sequence to a remote site and from there to client PCs/laptops. I have succesfully pushed out the Operating system, drivers package, boot image to the site. I have created a seperate collection for it. My problem is that when the user presses f12 it doesnt boot into the task sequence screen it stays on the windows boot manager showing the various windows pe boot images. im really confused about this! the server it is pushed out to is a DHCP server as well so all neccesary DHCP configs have been done. hope u guys can help!
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