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  1. Also forgot to mention, im running all roles on Server 2019
  2. Hey, Not sure if you can help with this one however this forum has been a great help for my lab! I have implemented Hello 4 Business using the Microsoft guide. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/identity-protection/hello-for-business/hello-cert-trust-adfs Everything seems to work except for the certificate request for the client. I set my PKI lab up using on of your guides, to enable me to use bit locker management within MCEP. The error I'm getting is below, this certificate is a duplicate of the Smart Card Logon template. I can request the built in User certificate and that works fine. I can't seem to find anything online for this error, I just get the domain trust posts come up. I have tried on a couple of different clients and non of them work. I assume I am missing a DNS record however cannot work out what's missing! Error: https://imgur.com/a/DNvkcaE Many thanks Jon.
  3. Scrap that, forced inventory and it now seems to be working!
  4. I only have 4 bitlocker report avalible? All other work fine. Just followed steps on the the link and it still doesnt work. One thing i did notice was i hadn't set the hardware inventory classes for bitlocker. I have no done this, i assume i need to wait for inventory to catch up for theview to be created perhaps? Not sure if i need to make the MOF change or not. Many thanks JOn
  5. Hey, I've been following your guides for a while now and really appreciate your knowledge! I have a question, I've got SQL reportigng services working okay I can run reports except for any of the Bitlocker ones. I ge the below error message? MBAM seems to be working well, pops up on machines and also store recovery key in database however trying to work on a report that would all me to input a Pc number and it would return the recovery key number. However for that I need to get the reports working to start with. Any ideas? I assume I've forgotten to do something!
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