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  1. Hi All, I am trying to deploy an OS and i am having a blue screen always due to MSD driver problem. How do you guys get MSD driver for your OS deployment on a specific machine? I want to know your good practice.
  2. ok i did able to change the site code client side but on the collection it still shows the old site code is there anything that needs to be done server side? client side? thank you and more power.
  3. yes i want to change the site code on the client. because when i look on our collections there are still some computers that do not have the proper site code. thank you.
  4. Hi All, We have this specific collection under maintenance window that is not updated with some computer names we have on our site i seek advice with our SCCM admin and he is so busy atm. Is there a way i can force update/load some computer names that is missing so that they are included on advertisement we made? Sorry for asking guys i am just beginning to know SCCM and i love it! Any help will be much appreciated. More power.
  5. Hi All, Is there a script wherein i can use to force each computer i have within a collection to connect to the proper site we have? I am new here and i find this site really help full. More power.
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