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  1. Hey All - I'm having an issue in my enviornment. We have about 1100 clients that are currently on 1909, all done with the same image. We have been doing regular monthly patching with an ADR set up, but we haven't had to do Feature upgrades yet. Older versions of Win 10 (1903 etc) we have been doing with an upgrade task sequence, but given this a big patch month and so many of our clients are now out of compliance I want to roll 20H2 into the monthly patching and not by TS. I checked the box in my SUP for Feature Upgrades and I see all of the updates under the Windows 10 Updates search but I only see maybe a few hundred as required and all different versions of Windows. Most of the 1909 machines are showing as compliant when I try to push 20H2 to them. Anyone run into this? I was thinking this would be pretty straight forward but not the case. Thanks! Chris
  2. Great thanks. I guess I'm looking for what the TS steps would be as well. Chris
  3. Yes correct. We have ConfigMgr 1910 working and I'm able to deploy to exisiting clients which then requires them to install. My question is how do you deploy this with bare metal /or inplace upgrade in a task sequence so MDOP/MBAM is already installed and the device is encrypted with ConfigMngr managing keys. Thanks Chris
  4. Hi All - We just completed setting up BitLocker management with 1910. We’re able to push the policy to the clients and install and the self service portal is all working. We aren’t currently using BitLocker so this a totally new deployment. My question is we are about to start a large roll out of new systems and I’m looking for documentation on how to set this up in our task sequence so that BitLocker is installed and turned on after imaging without end user interaction. I’ve done this at my previous job but we were not doing MBAM just storing keys in AD so this all new to me. I’ve poured through all of the tremendous information here but still seem to be missing this piece and need to start getting new systems into the wild. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Chris
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