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  1. Good day anyone also experiencing this or has anyone resolved this issue with regards with Windows 10 2004 Feature Update. TIA. Attach is the screenshot of the error we are having.
  2. The C:\Source\Updates\UpdateServicesPackages is taking up half of my servers drive so can anyone suggest on how to safely remove old items on this folder. Thanks
  3. Has anyone tried putting your SCCM main site on a cluster? So we migrated our SCCM on Azure HCI server but we did not include it yet on the cluster because we never know what will happen.
  4. nope sorry to confuse you. It is reporting non-compliant and checked the machines and bitlocker is not implemented.
  5. Good day Niall and everyone, I just replied since its the same topic as what I'm getting but different error msg (not error msg actually). I just got some machines that is not compliant but this machines has the same specs as any compliant machines I have.
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