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  1. SamSep

    OWN website for PKI

    I'm busy with part 4 of pki. Here we have to use our website, but if it is not possible to make my own website right now, what can i do? This is only for learning and it is not needed to have a website. what is another possible solution? Note: Edit the command below to use your public facing HTTP web server address, I'm using http://pki.windows-noob.com, you should use your own address.
  2. how can we connect? shall i sen you my id or my phone number?
  3. Good morning i'm ready, if you have time please let me know.
  4. ok i will let send you a message in the morning. Thanks very much for now.
  5. how can we connect to each other?
  6. This is what i'm looking at. What do i have to do now?
  7. I've installed the smoothwall, and also configured one nic with the ip address that you wrote and the other one with ip address and network mask and my default gateway. is this correct so far? after that i have chosen admin as a login name with your default password. but now the smoothwall will not login and asks me all the time for login.
  8. i think it works now, but asks me for smoothwall login
  9. I Have created a new vm manually. I have chosen for legacy network adapter, and in hyper v choose for new virtual switch (that's my internet that goes outside.) what must i do now, how do i have to configure the virtual switch #11? or are these steps not correct? is it not easier to work without smoothwall?
  10. That's the problem, i dont know how to do it. First i ran the powershell and asked me about the virtual switch. I choose x11 and generation 2. after this i uploaded the iso and but the software will not shown. I think i have to do more then this, please explain me how to do it step by step. What do i have to do exactly in hyper v. Thanks very much for your response.
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