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  1. Dear Sir, Hope you are doing good ! Yes sir the collection is based on a query where the devices are suppose to get populated in a collection which becomes a part of your domain and I have seen a wonderful article published by you on it few years back :). Sir we are doing everything fine and only the devices of a specific collection are not getting updated in all child collection even though upon checking they all are on domain.Yes all the devices are present in that OU sir. are we something wrong or missing something?? Hope to have your guidance going further. Thanks for the time. Regards, Shashi Dubey
  2. HI Everyone, Hope everyone is doing great and being safe! Want your help with an issues that i face frequently in the organisation during OSD and hope to have some expert advise on this. While reimagine a device as bare metal we have this query that once the device gets moved to a OU over domain it becomes the part of some specific collection which helps us to deploy some department wise software on it. But it happened so many that even a device becomes the part of that OU it just doesn’t get populated into into majority of collections. After checking the OU and domain all seems to be in place and even re joining the domain does not help much in this case.We have even checked the discover method and Delta discovery is designed to run in 15 min we even forced DDR but device won't get detected in that specific OU. Can someone help with their experience regarding this issue and why this happens and what should be done to eliminate this from happening. Regards, Shashi Dubey
  3. Respected Sir, Thanks a lot for the valuable information and have amazing vacations :). I want to thank you personally for always guiding me with your rich experience and expertise. I am resolving this thread as for now. Hope to have your guidance in coming days too with other issue. Thanks a ton again for the help and guidance. Regards, Shashi Dubey
  4. Dear Sir, Yes this is a local management point also have the DP role enabled on it. yes the MP and computer being tried to have reimaged resides on the same IP or local subnet.Yes the application are successfully distributed to that DP and we have done it multiple times and notices no error. Sir this MP was working fine but suddenly after 20th of may it stopped registering the client to it when I checked registration log log of local site server I couldn't see any registration after 20th May. Also this is a preferred MP and none of the client connect to this MP for policy and chooses a Random one from the list.we have been reinstalled MP role on it and nothing happened MP control log shows MP is healthy. we are really out of option here and do not know what we should do next hope your expertise and vast experience could guide us :). Hope to hear back soon !! Regards, Shashi Dubey
  5. Dear Sir, Yes we have checked everything and we didn't notice any overlapping. and we are confused what needs to be done next :). Kindly assist please :). Regards, Shashi Dubey
  6. Dear Sir, Congrats on being the "MVP" Again you are the best :). Sir need your assistance on the above thread Regards, Shashi Dubey
  7. Dear Sir, We we do have the boundary range with that IP address and assigned a local MP and Dp role on it. Regards, Shashi Dubey
  8. Dear Sir, Sorry to be little late on this due to my bad health. I have sent you the personal link with all the SMSTS log as instructed from your end for you to have a look at. It was shared on google drive with the name "Rahul Dubey" which is my pet name :). Kindly review it and suggest the further advise . Sir thanks a lot n advance for your involvement and thanks a tons for the help. Hoping to hear back soon on this . Regards, Shashi Dubey
  9. Dear Sir, Kindly look into the above query and help me out with it. Regards, Shashi Dubey
  10. Dear Sir, Thanks a lot for your time and involvement! My issue is we have computer failing to complete the task sequence properly as all of them fails to download at a step install application which is after the OS installation and domain join and client installation. We have management point locally in place and also we have the management point in the fallback but the client never picks these two MPS and connect a random one for the policy download. We even reinstalled the management point role but nothing made any difference here. I have been unable to find out why any of the client never contacts my local MP or fallback for policies and reaches a random one on it's own. Sir attaching the screenshot to show the error where it exactly fails hope this make the situation little clear and kindly let me know if there is any additional info needed on this :). Thanking for your help again!! Regards, Shashi Dubey
  11. HI Garath, Thanks for the instructions ! We have few AD and IP subnet in our environment and that too have been proposed to client for the change so we could have IP address all over the environments. For the specific issue we have only IP address range still having the issue with the Ip allocation. We even removed the fallback and have only single site server for the MP in our boundary group but still it won't pick the protected MP. Do we have have only the options to reinstall the MP or the entire site server as we too have the DP working on it. Regards, Shashi Dubey
  12. Thanks a lot Garath!! Yes I have been using IP address range almost everywhere in my environment. Regards, Shashi Dubey
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