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  1. HI Peter, Thanks a tons for getting back to me on this :). The info and article provided here is just so amazing and I can't thank you enough for this. This has really made my long pending doubts with the IIS and cert absolutely clear. Again thanking you so much for befitting and crystal reply. Stay safe and appreciate the help.Hope to keep on having your assistance going further on some other issues :). Regards, Shashi Dubey
  2. HI Peter, Kindly check the screenshot the Root cert is already inserted and attached are the options used for the site system. We have enabled the options use PKi certificate for authentication when available but are communication are chosen to be used either HTTP or HTTPS but on the face of below option are the clients communicating on HPPS would also use PKI certificate?? Kindly correct me if I am wrong. Regards, Shashi Dubey
  3. Dear Sir, Kindly reply to my query. Regards, Shashi Dubey
  4. HI Everyone, I hoe this email finds you in your best health. I have been trying to fix an issue where the machines from a particular locations are failing to PXE boot giving an error which I haven't faced yet so I need your expertise to find out the root cause of it. For a specific site all the machines are failing to PXE boot and when we checked the log to find the exact reason for it it says: "AsyncCallbacl():WINHTTP_CALLBACK_STATUS_SECURE_FAILURE ENCOUNTERED. dwStatusInformationLength is 4. IPVSTATUSInformation is 0x20 WINHTTP_CALLBACK_FLAG_CERT_DATE_INVALID is set.. Error Received 0x80072f8f from winHttpSendRequest. I have checked everywhere and its is only happening for a specific location in our environment else everything else is working just fine. I hope I could have your expertise in figuring out what I am missing and how to make it go away? Regards, Shashi Dubey
  5. @Ranjithckm7: Thanks you too for your reply and taking out time to get involved
  6. Dear Sir, I we thought about presaging the content to eliminate the issue with the WAN link if there would be any!!! but recently we reconfigured the DP as we were under immense pressure to get it up and running due to production need and client demand. After the reconfiguration all the data seemed to have been gone through the DP and we haven't noticed a single failure in it. I took the advise from your earlier line "Did you reconfigure the DP" so yes on your instructions we did and issue us resolved now :). Thanks a tons for your all your replies which helped me immesenly during the troubleshooting :). Regards, Shashi Dubey
  7. Dear Sir, Did you get the chance to look at my queries? Kindly review and instruct . Regards, Shashi Dubey
  8. Dear Sir, I use the word PXE considering this is a PXE responding distribution point and was set up specificially on client request to help sort out the WAN consumption to get a device reimaged but yes you are right considering my biggest issue is that packages are not being picked up during OSD from this distribution point to the destination machine. As answer to the first part, Yes, pretty much all the packages are failing to get distributed to this DP leaving 1 or 2 lucky ones with small size but the bigger one are definitely failing to get distributed. We have zero idea cause we looked everywhere and didn't find anything conclusive regarding the proper way of troubleshooting. Does it has something to do with IIS certificate or DP itself I guess you could just help me proceed in the right way towards findings the root cause of it. Waiting for your reply and further instructions. Regards, Shashi Dubey
  9. Dear Sir, this is a newly set up distribution for locally for speeding up the production machine reimage process which is used to reimage the device using PXE and this DP is set up to provide the content to all the machine of this boundary to avoid latency or network bandwidth consumption. And yes we have not been able to get this DP working right from the moment we have got it online. We haven't tried to reinstall the role cause some of the small packages gets distributed but most of them and specially the one with the bigger size aren/t able to get distributed at all. I mean "reimagine the device" as this distribution point that was designed to provide the content to the device of designed boundary at the time of network boot using PXE which we have been failing to do for days. overtime we try to reimage this device using PXE with the Help of this boundary group assigned DP we get the error as attach in the screenshot.and it doesn't even happen with only this package but other packages too. Hope to get the reason for this error message and how to overcome it. Thanking in advance. Regards, Shashi Dubey
  10. Dear Sir, Kindly look into the query and please advise something . Regards, Shashi Dubey
  11. Dear Sir, Thanks a a lot for taking out your precious time to look at my query and I am a big fan of all of your article!! Yes I did check that and the issue that I am battling with is not with the highlighted DP but the one named "\\US-HP-CMDP-P01" this is a newly set up DP as the client wanted to get rid of the latency encountered during the reimagine of the device.but till now we haven't been able to figure out why the content isn't going to this DP . if you look at the PkgXferMgr log it tells something like failed to add content file ...... error 0x80004005 and also at SMSDPPROV it tells "failed to add the content to the DP. we did n't have the MP role installed on this site server and for that we have used a fallback for the different site server. The devices too are failed to PXE boot on this location since the time it has been set up. we have even routed the traffic for the DP and MP both from this DP but have been having tremendous difficulty to get this working. While the other site server remains the issue how could I find out what is the problem with this DP and why the contestant aren't getting distributed. Since you are one of the best for SCCM out there online I need your valuable advise in moving ahead with this . Thanking a lot again for your time and hoping to hear back soon. Regards, Shashi Dubey
  12. HI Team, I need your help with this please provide your valuable advise and instructions. Thanking in advance. Regards, Shashi Dubey
  13. Hello Everyone, I hope this email finds you well and safe!! I need your help in sorting an issue that I am stuck with.We have recently installed a new MP due to client need and requirements but it's been three days and not a single package got distributed to it successfully. Even the smallest package of the size around 50 MB is failing to be distributed. I have checked the logs and it says the content could not add the content to content LIB in SMSDPPROV and I have exhausted all my option and hoping to find some assistance from the best website there is for all SCCM related issue queries. I am attaching the log so kindly assist. Would be grateful for your assistance. Regards, Shashi Dubey SMSProv.log distmgr.lo_ PkgXferMgr.lo_
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