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  1. What I'm trying to accomplish: I want to make available a custom task sequence over the internet allowing for download-on-demand of a package instead of pre-downloading the content. Task sequence settings: 1 command line step to run a powershell script with a package included. Package has been deployed to CDPs. TS Deployment settings: Allow TS to run for client on the Internet, Download content locally when needed by the running task sequence When I click install on the task sequence from Software Portal, it stalls at "Downloading (0% complete). In the CAS.log, it states 2 CDP have been identified, but it ends with 'No matching DP Location found'. Then it just sits there and this can stall for anywhere from 30 to 60+ minutes then starts the task sequence. This TS deployment has no issues if I use 'Download all content locally before starting task sequence'. Problem is that ultimately I'll be creating a TS with 30 different packages matching specific make/model, totaling 500MB, and I don't really want an internet client to download everything if it can download only the package specific to the client during runtime. Hope someone here with experience deploying TS over the internet can help me out. :)
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