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  1. Hello guys, Maybe you can point me in the right direction. I've updated SCCM Current Branch version 1906 to 2002. prerequisite checks and installation was appearing to go without any problems. After checking all the status of all our 4 SCCM servers, one of our four distribution points (a remote DP) didn't upgrade to the new version 5.00.8968.100 (it's still on version number 5.00.8853.1000) I've added a screenshot with some information in the dismgr.log file. It looks like it has issues distributing the new configuration manager package, update package and pilot package and is trying this after a interval and fails repeatedly I've restarted all SCCM servers (primary site and other three servers, but makes no difference) Before i was doing the upgrade everything was working fine, permissions on DP server are still correct, IIS is still installed and application pools started. Tried searching these symptoms on the internet but not sure how i should solve this. Hopefully i shouldn't try to install this distribution point from scratch again. Hope someone can help me with this frustrating problem best regards René
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