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  1. Question Hi, As the title suggest, for some reason , we have changed the IBCM Server Public IP Address & the Internet FQDN. Now, I have changed the new FQDN under IBCM Site Server settings.. Also, New IBCM IIS certificate was generated with updated SAN entries which includes new Internet FQDN & Bind it in IIS. Clients which are on Intranet… automatically picks up the new IBCM FQDN & same is reflecting under Control Panel>ConfigMgr>Network applet. I have tested and these clients working as expected if we are moving to Internet. But the issue here is …. For those clients who never been to VPN after this COVID issue. Tested for 1 of the client & it is still pointing to OLD IBCM FQDN. Its for Bulk of users....And we already tried SMS Agent Restart ....followed by a Complete System Restart How do i Fix This….!! Thanks
  2. Team, In a recent Security Audit at my workplace , it was found that SSLv3 was enabled on IBCM server. We need to disable SSLv3 , TLSv1 & enable TLSv1.2 . Did anybody done this… Kindly share your Observations.. Also, Any Support article, guide will be of great help. I have done the changes as per reading on Internet under... HKey_Local_MachineSystemCurrentControlSetControlSecurityProviders SCHANNELProtocols Now, my Internet Based clients are not communicating to IBCM server at all. No Policy since the changes made.. Kindly suggest..
  3. Hi, I created a Gen 2 Hyper V virtual machine with Windows 1o v1909 . Recreated the MBAM policy on my SCCM TP 2002 console. MBAM agent was successfully installed. But the Policy is not working just the way it was configured.... Also, to my surprise , even before Encryption starts , The Control Panel Applet shows as Bitlocker - Complaint. Attached is the log file for reference. Thanks BitlockerManagement_GroupPolicyHandler.log
  4. Team, Did anybody tried Standalone Bitlocker configuration in SCCM 2002 . There are hardly any guide available on Internet. Kindly share your thoughts & observations.. I am trying to configure in my Hyper V Lab with Gen1 VM. Client did get the MBAM agent installed but the policy was not applied the way...it was configured into the console. Thanks
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