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  1. I use the sccm excactly as this post. The error messages are at the step of sysprep and i dont know why it fails
  2. I am using sccm 2012 r2. I made a task sequence media and i have it to the computer. The computer was on the domain and some user install some programms. After the installation, i want to capture it. I deleted all users except administrator and the default acount, i turned the pc in workgroup and i loged in with administrator account. I run the iso of the task sequence media and when in sysprep i take the error
  3. Hello everyone, i have a problem when i am trying to capture an image(During the sysprep). The error code is "sysprep error 0x00004005". I know that is a generally meaning error but i cant find a solution. I tried the solution with the registry settings but no luck. Can everyone help me? sccm.7z
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