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  1. when my windows 10 updated to version 2004 it broke my headphones. I have tried EVERYTHING I can find on the Internet. Nothing works. I have deleted all drivers and uninstalled all driver software. I have gone to ReakTek and installed all drivers for my hardware. reboot over and over. Nothing works. I have tried with and without a docking station too, nothing works. When I plug in a headset it is Never detected. I know my headphones work since I have an older laptop that has Windows 10 1703 on and they work fine. What else can fix this?
  2. I have enabled 3rd party software updates within SCCM. When I try to download any 3rd party update I get this error "All software updates in this selection are expired and meta-data only, and cannot be downloaded" What causes this and how do you fix it? Thank you.
  3. In my WUAHandler.log I see the same updates installing each day for the past 4 days. No errors, just the same updates each day are being installed and each says Reboot Required = Yes. We reboot all of our systems each night so that should get flushed out. UpdateDeployments, UpdateHander have no errors. what would case this behavior?
  4. We have enabled 3rd party patching and we've noticed that when we deploy Dell 3rd party updates they do deploy down to our systems (both Latitudes and Optiplex) We setup our SUGS to run at night. on any target system once the updates run you can view them in Software Center \ Updates. They show as Installed. Here is the problems. The updates never clear out of Software Center \ Updates and each night they reinstalled. I've sat there and watched at the Software Center \ Updates and each will change from Installed to Installing.... and then they show as Installed again. This
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