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  1. I think i got it working, It looks like the problem was - me - pushing the app before the policy updated so i changed it to 30 minutes - setting the available time and deadline the same. this changes it to asap - not using client time The monitoring also looks like its updating sooner. probably me and the policy update time.
  2. Thank you. I did that but I wont be able to do that for the entire org. I think i have an idea on what could be causing it. I was setting the push to deploy 20 minutes after i created the deploy. my policy updates every hour so i have created a deployment for it to deploy an hour from the time i create it. should i make the available time the same as the deadline time? should i even use the pre deploy option?
  3. I am new to SCCM and my agent and most other things are set to default. I can install an app from software center but if i schedule it to deploy at 9:30 am and the installation is asap or 9:40 the installation just randomly installs when ever. sometimes hours later. I don't have a maintenance window setup for my collections. I am trying this with installing chrome. Any Help would be appreciated.
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