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  1. Ah, my SQL drive is backed up daily as part of the backup process. Could I not somehow restore or look through that? If so where would I be looking? Definitely a lesson learned. 😥
  2. Thanks for the response, I'll try that next. I thought the data for the task sequence was stored in SQL? Just so I can get my head around the issue.
  3. So, In my infinite (lack of) wisdom, I managed to accidentally delete my primary Task Sequence for my Windows 10 deployment. My server is backed up daily by a 3rd party off site tool. Now I am aware that MDT would have the task sequences in an alternative folder and you can simply create a new task sequence and replace the unattend.xml and TS.xml to restore your task sequence. Is there a similar location or trick I can use to restore my task sequence? I'm using Server 2019 and Configuration Manager 2006 and all other apps, packages, updates and drivers are still visible in the console. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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