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  1. Hi all,Thanks for any help in advance.I am new enough to SCCM and working on Office 365 client updates through ADR. On my test bed currently is O365 v1705 (Build 8201.2294), I am pushing client update v1808 (10730.20438) to it.ADR, Deployment Packages and Software Update Groups are setup and working.The Office 365 update does appear in the Software Center for installation, for testing I have everything set to the most visibility. When selected to install, the process goes through the download and install process according to the info displayed within Software Center but after it completes the Office version has not changed while .The update is downloaded to the ccmcache folder, separate question is that is it supposed to go in there or in the Microsoft Office folder in Program Files?I have eliminated installs inside of business hours being the issue, have turned that option off and also left client overnight.Looking at the updateshandler.log I do see the below:Failed to start WSUSUpdate, error = 0x87d00698When checking the Deployment in Monitoring the clients in that collection indicate as being compliant when they are not, any ideas?Also to add, doing a direct deployment of the client update without using ADRs has the same result. I am aware the versions I am troubleshooting are out dated, its just for testing. I have also tried with 1908 going to 2002 but that does not appear in Software Center at all when the config settings indicate it should. Checking the compliance report for the deployment it says it is Compliant when it is not as 1908 is still installed on the machine. Maybe I am not understanding something here, if 1908 is still supported, will SCCM see it as needing 2002? Thanks
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