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  1. I found a solution. I could not even imagine that it is necessary to deploy this step to the device Collection of "Unknown Computers"
  2. if you're talking about "Task Sequence", then I don't have paragraph "Create MDT Task Sequence". look at the penultimate picture. so I didn't create any tasks. I have a separate MDT server, it works. OS can be installed. I created an unusual image installation task the result is unfortunately the same. - like the last picture in the last post
  3. Hello. two weeks i can't beat the problem of loading MDT via MECM. My configure in screenshot: for two weeks now i can't get this to work. After receiving the message that you see in the VM picture. Log from SMSPXE.log. according to this manual: I do not have an MDT task creation (Step 7.) WDS and MDT are located on the same server as mecm. I have a basic configuration. those. just installation and that's it. ============> Received from client: SMSPXE 10/28/2020 1:09:34 PM 19264 (0x4B40) Operation: BootReques
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