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    Hello from Indiana!

    Hello and thanks! The SCCM server is at Version 1706 and I'm guessing that this particular box would be supporting 200-300 machines. Mostly Windows based desktops with some notebooks mixed in. They will also have a mix of Chromebooks and Apple iPads.
  2. GBlp

    Hello from Indiana!

    Hello! I have been "managing" our networks for a while, and have co-existed with SCCM, but am not very well acquainted with the beast. Recently I've been asked to build up a Distribution Point server for one of our larger middle schools and am looking for a good solid reference guide or site on how to do this. I hope this doesn't come off poorly, I recognize its capability but have not had to jump into the management of it before. Glad to be part of the group, I see lots of resources already!
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