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  1. Hello SCCM's friends,I'm trying to install/configure CMG, i have follow lot of thread about the configuration but finally it doesn't work properly.When i use the connection analyzer (with Azure auth), the following error appears : However all seems be alright : So i have checked logs and i see errors : Here is my mmc for certificates on my SCCM Server.SRVAPPSCCM is my SCCM Serverxxxcmg.mydomain.fr is the CNAME for my CMG.xxxcmg.cloudapp.net is my Azure DeploymentIn my Server certificate i have added CNAME : xxxcmg.mydomain.fr .I have also register the CNAME on my Web Host control panel (xxxcmg.mydomain.fr > xxxcmg.cloudapp.net). So what do you think about my configuration ? Do I have to add any other information in the server certificate?The DNS seem's right : And here my CMG Config : i have installed SCCM 2010 and i have also rebuild my CMG... I'm trying to solve this issue since 1 month but i don't found the solution
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