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  1. Hello, is it possible to directly load and boot into the Windows Recovery Environment over PXE? To apply repair-tools or diagnosis for example. Our company is trying to accomplish this to support our technicians whenever a user is having some kind of trouble booting his standard image. The technician then can apply the RE over PXE and try to repair the users system. However I'm not sure how to make a winRE deployment over SCCM. What I have done is creating a task sequence where the according .wim file is loaded as a boot-image. When testing the task sequence just runs through and shuts down or restarts the computer. What I want is for the computer to remain inside the Recovery Environment and to be able to apply repair options etc. With WDS it's pretty easy to accomplish this. I haven't figured out how to do it with SCCM, as you are only able to apply task sequences and not boot-images directly. Im glad for any help.
  2. I know im 7 years late to the party but maybe someone will answer. I have the same exact problem and cant find the solution. Did you solve it and how did you do it?
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