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  1. I have created a Task sequence deployment type for an application which is comprised of packages that run programs. i have also deployed the application to a device collection and have tested this many time in our DEV environment with no issues, works perfectly.the application has now been promoted into QA and each time it is attempted to launch it fails after 30 seconds with the following errors.Downloading policy body {70de7448-de08-44cf-84e0-428a1698b10c}. TSAgent 4/19/2021 3:28:29 PM 11548 (0x2D1C) Not in SSL. TSAgent 4/19/2021 3:28:29 PM 11548 (0x2D1C) BOM not found on policy reply TS
  2. I recently setup a complex application with 16 dependencies. I have bundled them into a Task sequence and have created a task sequence deployment type. each application dependency is called by a install package step in the task sequence. the package also includes a program that runs the install command line. i was able to deploy the application to an install collection and have successfully installed it on multiple endpoints. I am very happy with the results.My previous test was simply pushing software to the endpoint (software center) on previously built windows 10 device.I now have a new cha
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