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  1. Sorry, Guys. I have the issues with MBAM too. MBAM event admin log is: Unable to connect to the MBAM Recovery and Hardware service. Error code: -2147024809 Details: The parameter is incorrect. And.... ReasonsForNoncompliance : {1, 15, 3} Could you please give some advices, I tried to google it, without any success. SCCM version is: 2103 I tried to delete C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\Machine\Registry.pol and enforce MBAM by changing: SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\FVE\MDOPBitLockerManagement OsEnforcePolicyPeriod compliance rule = 0 SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\FVE\MDOPBitLockerManagement UseOsEnforcePolicy compliance rule = 1 Thank you in advance and have a great weekend!
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