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  1. Thanks @anyweb, I want to perform uninstallation of an application from multiple machines using a script that can be deployed through SCCM with the below lines. I wanted opinions for which is the best to use between using batch script or PowerShell msiexec /x {FXXXX-9XXX-XXX84-AXX-4B3XXX} /q /l*v %Windir%\Logs\Sccm\uninstall-XXX Del "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\LIVE - XXX" /Q Del /Q %Windir%\Logs\Sccm\Installed_XXX.log So far using a batch script with the above does the uninstall manually, but when I deploy the script, it shows success and hits the machine but does not remove the application. I have tried using PSDA kit and had the same issue,
  2. Hello Team, I am trying to uninstall a desktop icon that is an exe application for over 100 users. the install deployment using script installer to user collection group was done by someone who has left, I noticed the install deployment was set up with option " Do not download contents" and am unable to see the uninstall string in Reg editor, no product code. after searching the whole PC I noticed the product code in the C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Installation sXXX\XXX code I Created a simple uninstall script using that product code on test machine which then did the uninstall, but I created an uninstall application and deployed it to test devices, it shows deployed success, but the devices are not having any changes, same thing when I tried it on a user test groups. any suggestions
  3. I had a script install application deployed to a device collection group of about 200+ devices, the purpose install is set to "Required" as its replacing the older version, after a day I noticed on the |Number Errors| tab that about 180 errored, then I checked the \windows\logs\sccm\logs>> the installer can not find the path. the compliance is just 2.5% for two days now I went back to the script and confirmed the UNC path of the installer is incorrect in comparison to the test group I was using. so I corrected this and updated the deployment I checked the Monitoring\deployments\ and opened the deployment \error code is 0x87D00213(-0216411117) time out occurred for 35 assets Then Deployment failed for 114 assets |status-Error| |Error code 0x643(1603) fatal error during installation Deployment failed 29 assets 0x87D01106 (-2016407290) failed to verify the executable file is valid to construct the associated command line The deployment failed 2 assets |status -Error| |Error- code 0xC000013A (-1073741510) Unknown Error (-1073741510) Then Evaluation failed 1 assets |status-Error| |Error code 0x87D00314 (-2016410860) CI Version info time out Failed to locate content 7 Assets |status-Error| |Error code 0x80070057 (-2147024809) The parameter is incorrect.. Am kind of stuck between deleting the deployment and starting all over again or should I wait for the 7day cycle to pick up the changes I made when I corrected the UNC path? some of the devices on the query have picked up the application and it worked, so I am not sure why its taking so long for the other devices to pick up the application after the change I made. My test group was working but after adding another device to the test group so I can compare the result with the live deployment, I noticed the test group too is not longer deploying now having error on the device added as 0x87D01106 (-201607290) Failed to verify the executable file is valid or to construct the association Any advice and information tips from your wealth of knowledge is very much welcomed. thanks
  4. Thanks for the Tip, I will go download the deploy tool kit and look up the site.
  5. Hi Guys, Am not too good with batch script and PowerShell and am trying to amend an existing batch script to do a certain install but I keep getting "system error 55 has occurred" on the network drive path of the line, and also " error code 1605" for the install command part of the script I am trying to find a way to re write the scrip using PowerShell. the main action is to perform an install of an application which upgrades or updates the current application to new version on the local server. I want to re use the same script for other devices too. I hope the above makes some sense.
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