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  1. SOLVED. The issue got fixed after granting sysadmin rights to the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account. Thanks for the quick help. Much Appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the assistance so far. After granting sysadmin rights to the computer account of the Primary Site Server, the Pre-req check fails with the same error mentioned in the initial issue description. What to do in order to fix this issue?
  3. are you specifying the sql server instance correctly ? what is it and what are you entering ?---->Where it should be specified? on the server in question, logged on with that service account if you open device manager does it tell you you are a standard user ?------->Device Manager shows all the hardware details. what else do I need to check in Device Manager?
  4. @anywebThe current user is the Service Account and it is part of Local Administrators on the Primary Site Server. So this Service Account should have the administrative rights on the Primary SIte Server.
  5. SCCM Infrastructure: SCCM CB v1910 Standalone Primary Site Issue : Prerequisite Check for SCCM Upgrade from 1910 to 2010 fails with this error in Prereqcheck.log ERROR: Failed to retrieve next row. $$<Configuration Manager Prereq><05-21-2021 11:00:09.190+420><thread=2760 (0xAC8)> <FQDN OF PRIMARY SITE SERVER>; SQL Server sysadmin rights; Error; Either the user account running Configuration Manager Setup or NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM does not have sysadmin SQL Server role permissio
  6. Can anybody here assist me to fix this issue? I have been struggling to fix this issue. SCCM Infrastructure: SCCM CB v1910 Standalone Primary Site Issue SMS Distribution Manager shows error to process package distribution on Primary Site Server - FAILED TO TAKE SNAPSHOT I am unable to process any package content for distribution. D:\SCCMContentLib Folder is EMPTY. DISTMGR.Log details for one Software Update Package are stated below: Retrying package FG100***(SourceVe
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