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  1. from objreplmgr.log ~***** Processing Install Policy Type ScopeId_E14592EF-23C7-442D-881C-2951E61321C4/ProhibitedApplication_cb7abf2a-2114-4fd9-b33b-6a42108673b8/1 ***** I am troubleshooting an issue why any application deploy to a device collection (including All Workstations) don't show on the software center but the same application show when deploy to a user collection I am wondering if sccm labels my application prohibited application hence don't show on software center ( the evaluation policy don't detect the new policy policypv.log) but it detect the new policy {recei
  2. problem: I can't deploy application to any device collections (new or existing applications) I can deploy application to any user collections History: someone moved 20 GB of filelib to another drive to cleared disk space issue. He moved the folders back two weeks later but didn't fix the problem sccmcontenlib\filelib Summary an SCCM instructor advised me to restore the VM (primary system and sql) all the components and site status are green. I followed the instructions on the link below trying to find the problem to no avail. I attached the logs
  3. Hello, Thank you in advance. I keep looking to find a article about what to do with ADK before upgrading to sccm 2103? 1-Do I install on top of the current ADK or 2-Do I remove the previous ADK and PXE tools then install to the newest ADK and new PXE? Regards, Jose
  4. I can deploy applications to users collection but the same deployment don't show in software center when deploy to a device collection. Have you seen this behaviour? History 1 - sccm upgraded from 1903 to 2010 with no issue 2 - I completed several test successful, created, distributed, deployed and installed applications and windows updates device's collections 3- I completed several test successful, created, distributed, deployed and installed applications to user's device's collections 3 - All the components status are green 4 - no major errors in log fi
  5. additional note" these folder and files were moved back to the original location, but the problem continues. I was advised to redistribute all content again for SQL to register the location of the source. I can do the task using powershell. Can someone redirect me to the command. I keep looking, may be I find the answer before someone post an answer here. Thank you in adavance
  6. since someone moved 20 G|B of syslib files and folders my sccm system having erratic behaviour should I restore the system to the previous full backup. SQL runs on the same server and I only have one primary server and 5 DP. thank you in advance
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