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  1. any further thoughts as to why the system status is so poor? thanks
  2. Hi Recently taken over a fair sized SCCM install 500 computers, 20-30 servers, etc been getting my head around sccm over the last few months. Now the client health status page is showing a lot of red I did read a post about deleting tables in SQL to fix it, I could view the table but cleaning it up told me it not a table, so a bit stuck on this one, there is more red on a Monday as I guess most devices have been off all weekend, any suggestions etc on how to get these numbers up, not sure if its important to have mostly green or if its just not something to worry about attached this this mornings view, (Thursday) please, I am new to SCCM and how it all hang together, so answers in simpleton terms :-) thanks Cliff
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