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  1. My organization has over 130 reported cases of high CPU usage on our company laptops. The issue occurs on various models (Dell Latitude 7450, 7470 and 7480, as well as Precision 5520). The laptops are using Windows 10 1809 Having looked at Task Manager, the task causing the highest CPU load is Windows Management Instrumentation [see attached image] I have trawled the internet for some time now, found various articles, but nothing that permanently fixes the issue Stopped and started the following services iphlpsvc wscsvc Winmgmt Ran a script to reset the Windows Update Components Ran a script to rebuild the WMI MOF Ran a script to clean the software Renamed the REGISTRY.POL file Each of of these steps improves the high CPU situation but after 3 - 5 days, the issue comes back I thought the issue could be related to our SCCM/WSUS environment, but as I am not experienced enough, I cannot prove that case Can anyone help
  2. I am fairly new to the SCCM game, so excuse me if this question is overly simplistic I have inherited the responsibility of looking after the SCCM environment. I have noticed that there are over 3500 software update groups Do to me inexperience, I do not know what are the ramifications of such a high number of software update groups what is a manageable number of software update groups how to trim these software groups down Any help or advise will be most appreciated
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