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  1. Hi, we manage about 250 - 300 PCs with our SCCM. From time to time we have to reinstall Windows 7 and all the software on some of out clients. The Problem is that after we reinstalled a client a new computer object is created in CM. So we then have one good computer object and one marked as obsolete. As long as we don't delete the obsolete object no software is deployed on the client. So I tried to use the task "Delete Obsolete Client Discovery Data" to delete all the obsolete computer objects which doesn't work exactly like I would like it to do. The problem is that the task can only be run once a day. Or is there a way to run it several times a day? At the moment the task is run at 15:00h. At 22:30 all the clients are shut down via a scheduled task. So it often happens that, when you turn on a client which has been reinstalled the day before, there isn't all the software installed because there wasn't enough time the day before. It looks like as the task to delete the obsolete computer objects takes a lot of time to complete. Is there a way to check why it takes the task so long to complete, or even better is there a way to run the task several times a day? I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this issue. greetings Bane
  2. Bane

    Timezone Problem

    We started to deploy Windows 7 with SP1 this last week. The deployment works fine but i always have to chose the timezone manually. So no difference between known and unknown computers. I tried to "migrate timezone" in the task sequence. I tried without "migrate timezone". I sat the right timezone in the task sequence. But whatever I do nothing helps. I always manually have to chose the timezone at the end of the deployment. Has anybody got an idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance Bane
  3. I readvertised the package I want to be installed and checked the execmgr.log. This is what the log says: The CAS.log has no new information since monday and in the DataTransferService.log I can only find the following entrys: So the log says that the package has been downloaded successfully but there is no package in the cache folder. Afterwards I changed the advertisement from "Rerun if failed previous attempt" to "Always rerun program" and now it's getting installed.
  4. Since the end of last week I have got a problem with distributing Software with the SCCM. I am using a package which I have distributed many times before and it has never been a problem. Now I made a new advertisement. According to the SCCM the package is received by about 200 Clients (thats ok) but the installation doesn't start on any of them. So I connected to some of the Clients to have a look at the logs but first I looked at the C:\Windows\SysWOW64\CCM\Cache folder to check if the package was really there. And to my surprise it wasn't though the SCCM reported that it has been downloaded by the Clients. Afterwards I tried the same on a virtual testmachine. Same problem. So I decided to redeploy Windows 7 on the machine. Everything worked fine except for the fact that the software packages were not deployed. I updated the collection membership (as I have done many times before the redeployment) and got a second testmachine in the SCCM. One obsolate and one working. I deleted the obsolate one and since then the software deployment on the testmachine is working again. The problem now is that the SCCM somehow thinks that all the clients have received the packages which just isn't true because I saw that there are no packages on the Clients. So it looks like the Computer Objects in my Collections are somehow damaged or just not working like they should. I can connect to the Clients via rightclick - start - remote desktop client; the windows 7 deployment is working as I saw when I tested it with the testmachine but the software distribution is not working. I' am sure that the software distribution would work again if I redeployed all the clients again which I don't want to do because there has to be an easier solution for this problem. Does anybody know how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance Bane
  5. Bane

    Timezone Problem

    No unfortunately I still have no idea why this happens.
  6. Bane

    Timezone Problem

    Hi, we are managing about 300 clients with our SCCM server and most things work really good but there is one problem I don't know how to deal with. I have many Task Sequences. The only difference is the OU where die Clients are added via the Task Sequence. The Task Sequences are all working like they should if I use them to redeploy a Client which is already known to the SCCM. When I use one of these Task Sequences to doploy Win 7 to a new Client which never had contact with the SCCM before by adding the Task Sequence to the "All unknown Computers" Collection there is one Problem. The Task Sequence works fine but I always have to choose the Timezone manually. Has anybody got an idea how to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance Bane
  7. One thing i forgot to mention is that though sccm already discovered all the machines and added them to the right collections it is always the TS advertised to "all unknown computers" which is used instead of the TS advertised to the collection where the machines are listed in some of the machines have the sccm client installed on them but most of them don't have and the client also isn't installed by manually clicking "Install Client"; is it right that all the machines which don't have the client installed are "unknown computers" for sccm? greetings bane
  8. Hi currently I'm trying to deploy windows 7 on some computers. At the moment those computers are running XP. They are domain members and everyone has a hostname i want to keep after the win 7 deployment. In my testing environment it worked perfectly. I enabled "migrate computer name" in the "capture windows settings" in my task sequence and Win 7 was deployed on 2 virtual machines (using hyper v) and they both kept there names after the win deployment. Now I used the same task sequence for some of the real machines where i want to deploy win 7 on (just changed the OU) and after the deployment was done i saw that every of those machines got a new computer name. they are now all called minint-..... What am i doing wrong? why is there a difference behavier between deploying a task sequence on my two test machines and deploying it on the real machines? And the most important question, what do i have to do to keep the old computer names after the win 7 deployment i hope someone can help me with this problem; i've already searched the forum but i could't find anything which would help me to solve this problem greetings bane
  9. Bane

    PXE-boot Problem

    I don't know why but now the first test machine is pxe booting. I didn't change anything since the last try but it's working now.
  10. Bane

    PXE-boot Problem

    I readded the PC to the collection but this had no effect. The machine still isn't pxe booting.
  11. Bane

    PXE-boot Problem

    Hi I have a problem with my SCCM and I don't know how to solve it. I read everything I could find about this problem but I still have no solution for it. Yesterday everything went well, my test machine was pxe-booting, the os-deployment worked and I was also able to distribute software packages. But then while distributing some software packages the client suddenly stopped to install any packages and when I started the second test machine I had a pxe-boot problem. And now I can't pxe-boot any client. When I'm booting the client it looks like this: In the smspxe.log I found the following: I checked the boot images, the task sequence, the network access account, the permissions on the images but everything is as it should be (and as it was before, when the pxe-boot worked). Has anybody got an idea how to solve this problem? thanks a lot
  12. it's working now the problem was that I had set the necessary permissions for \\hakcm\smspkge but not for hak00011; since I set the permissions on hak00011 my TS is working thx for your efforts anyweb
  13. the smsts.log I uploaded in my previous post is the one from X:\SMSTSLog\ in the smsts.log from X:\Windows\Temp\SMSTSLog\ which I can't open until the Error Message (0x80070032) disappears (15min) I found the follwing messages <![LOG[Connecting to "\\HAKCM.HAKBADEN.LOCAL\SMSPKGE$\HAK00011"]LOG]!><time="12:34:27.364+-60" date="01-13-2010" component="ApplyOperatingSystem" context="" type="1" thread="1444" file="tsconnection.cpp:268"> <![LOG[uRet != ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE && uRet != ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED, HRESULT=80070005 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\framework\tscore\tsconnection.cpp,294)]LOG]!><time="12:34:27.380+-60" date="01-13-2010" component="ApplyOperatingSystem" context="" type="0" thread="1444" file="tsconnection.cpp:294"> <![LOG[Failed to connect to "\\HAKCM.HAKBADEN.LOCAL\SMSPKGE$\HAK00011". Invalid username or password.]LOG]!><time="12:34:27.380+-60" date="01-13-2010" component="ApplyOperatingSystem" context="" type="2" thread="1444" file="tsconnection.cpp:294"> i checked if the Network Access Acount is configured correct and if the permissions for "\\HAKCM.HAKBADEN.LOCAL\SMSPKGE$\HAK00011" are set and the settings should be correct Here is the whole logfile smsts.log
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