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  1. Hello Can Some please help me to resolve the SCCM backup failure issue. SCCM backup on my central server is frequently failing with followig error. "Asynchronous QueryStatus failed or did not finish properly. Error code = 0x80,042,306". Here I am copying the smsbkup.log : Initializing the status message reporting system... SMS_SITE_BACKUP 04/05/2012 01:00:14 18324 (0x4794) The path to the "Status Manager" inbox is "D:\SMS\inboxes\statmgr.box\statmsgs". SMS_SITE_BACKUP 04/05/2012 01:00:14 18324 (0x4794) SMS_STATUS_MANAGER is not running as part of this process, the SMS_EXECUTIV
  2. hi please send me any ppt on OS imaging process

  3. Hello I am trying to deploy a vbscript through SCCM which pops for postpone or install though a message box for installing a partcular software. However when I deploy its not showing any message box, In advertisement setting I am using whether or not user is logged in
  4. Hello In advertisement status message i am getting error like 1 or msi erros(1620, 1649 etc)if it fails , I want to pump a custom message to advertisemet info, like if application failed because of non existance of particular registry key i need to send a custom message to advertisement info status. ex: In batch files we can through output using @echo. Is this possible in SCCM? Hope I am clear. thanks in advance
  5. Hello someone please let me know how can i get custom messages in advertisement status in SCCM. like ex: @echo Registry key not found. this should be displayed in advertisement status message instead of msi codes with discription.
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