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  1. Use with F8 diskpart to clean the destination disk. This will help.
  2. How do i run the setup for office 2007 EE for the current user? When i run the setup.exe (with .msp)then the setup install office for all users. I only want the current user.
  3. Hi, I have tried (now 1 day) to deploy a simple shortcut to my desktop computer. This are the ways i have tried it: - xcopy - .vbs script - autoit (with a filecopy command and by FileCreateShortcut) - with a .msi Nothing works. When i make an advertisement and the program runs on the destination computer, nothing happens. sms manager says the program is ready, but no shortcut on my desktop. When i run the .vbs or .au3 script manually it works fine on the destination computer. When i run it with the configmngr nothing happens. Any suggestions? Thx
  4. I see nothing in the reports. It looks like i never runs. See screenshot
  5. hello, I have a small question. Is it possible to deploy a TS (with xp in it) on a collection. What i did was the following: - i created a new collection - 1 device (computer) is member of that collection - i have created a task sequece (this works good with a USB media) - i have made a advertisement on the new collection Nothing is happening in windows? can anybody help me. I am russning sccm 2007 sp2 Thanks
  6. Hello, I am a bit new with the deployment of Windows 7 with SCCM R2 Sp2. I followed the guide, this works great. All went smooth. Now i want to give the tasksequence to run a command to change the computername. It may pop-up, i don't care. I just want to change it beforce everything is ready and before it joins the domain. I am NOT using mdt I hope somebody can help. With the deployment of xp i have made a script that reads out my wmi info and put this in the sysprep.inf. Very easy en works great. Thanks
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